Whats your story?

So you have already removed your popcorn ceilings.  Tell us all about it and what you used.  Were your ceilings painted or did the popcorn just fall off like everyone thinks it will?

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2 Responses to Whats your story?

  1. stoner529 says:

    Having removed my popcorn ceiling i can say it was quite a hassle. I probably didn’t even have popcorn. My house was built in the 60’s and it was some kind of roll on texture i think and that stuff was like glue on the joints. I got all of it down in one room and in another i just decided to scrape off the popcorn balls and spray a thick coat of texture over it to give the ceiling a coral reef look.

  2. Angie says:

    I am in the process of having the popcorn ceiling removed in my 1978 split foyer home. The builder who is helping us with the remodel suggested that we just put up sheetrock and finish with paint and crown moulding (which I wanted) instead of scraping. I am going to find out about the difference in cost of scraping, but that is not a job that I would want to do!

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