Outdated Popcorn Ceiling? Remove It!

We have talked about reasons to remove a popcorn ceiling, and the first being that it falls down.  The next reason that popcorn should be removed is that it is outdated.  Changing the look of your home will make you feel happy and increase the chances of being able to sell a home faster as well.

Popcorn has been around since the 1970’s so it is quite outdated.  The best way to take care of this is to remove the popcorn of course.  Having a home that is pleasing to your eyes is sometimes the best remedy for looking at an older home.  Removing that old popcorn will make your home look absolutely new again.  You can apply a new texture or leave it slick.  Texture is always the best option due to the effects of creating a slick ceiling.

Drywall knockdown texture is always the best option since you can cover up more of the imperfections that come with removing popcorn.  Although paying someone to professionally remove your popcorn is your best way to go,  as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  We know you don’t want to get ripped off but you do want to have your home look good.  Even a professional will still have trouble hiding all the imperfections unless you plan to pay alot of money for them to take alot of time and making everything look perfect.  If anyone looks hard enough in a home, they will find all sorts of flaws, so going for perfection is not necessary.

The idea of removing popcorn because it is outdated is to provide you with a home that has a new look.  Knockdown works perfectly for this application.  The tape seems don’t have to look perfect.  They just need to look like they would in a new home before the texture is applied.  The whole reason for the texture is to hide all those imperfections previously mentioned.  Once the popcorn is removed and the new texture is applied, dried, and painted, you will feel like you have a brand new home.

Going with a slick finish is also an option as they do this up north but the disadvantage to this it is hard to get the joints perfectly flat, as well as the rest of the ceiling.  The joints can show through the paint and that too can not be as eye pleasing as other stuff.  Sometimes the light plays tricks on you too and will make the ceiling look different at different parts of the day when the sun hits certain spots.

Coming soon, we will discuss how popcorn gets so darn dirty.

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  1. When it comes to popcorn ceiling removal, you have two options – doing things the hard way or doing things the easy way. Although it is important that this type of job be done correctly, you will find some easy methods for getting this textured material off the ceiling but without causing any damage to the drywall. When finishing the job, you would have a clean surface on which the installation of a new ceiling could be done.

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