How to remove popcorn ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are a great thing to have,  if you want to feel like you are living in the 1970’s all over again.  The question people ask the most is “Why did they even make this stuff in the first place?”.  Well the answer is quite simple really; to save you money.  By applying popcorn to the ceiling,  the drywall finishers had to do one less coat of joint compound and the ceilings never had to be painted.  WYSIWYG basically.  Just add glitter and you are ready to move in.  What they didn’t know was that popcorn will eventually  begin to fall off in small sections that will surely become very large over time.  In areas where the climate is quite hot and humid, such as Florida, the popcorn ceiling will come down faster, especially in garages.  That brings us right back to that famous question above.  The logical solution of course would be to remove that popcorn.  Popcorn removal is a big thing in the San Francisco area as well as Florida.  Before you begin that process there are probably somethings you will want to know.

Scraping Popcorn from the ceiling

Scraping popcorn from the ceiling

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